5 Major SEO Trends of 2019

For the online marketers, it is very important that they know and adopt the newest SEO trends.

The Internet is now the primary place for consumers to seek goods and services or any other information. As there are a good number of people online today, the businesses need to adopt ways in order to create their strong web presence. For that matter, many of them have taken the initiative of creating the website, but, commencing a website or a blog is not the only thing that is needed. But, in order to keep up the search relevancy, the marketers need to shift to the ever-changing environment of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the marketing approach that has become commanding over the past decade. But, obviously, to yield success, the marketers need to implement the latest practices in the website at the time of establishment of an authority with Google.

Have a look at the following SEO Trends of the year 2019.

Trend 1: User Intent Optimization

In the world of marketing, research is still working into the intent of web searchers when they search for particular keywords. Search Engine Optimization is not only about stuffing prominent keywords in your web pages but it is about incorporating the keywords so that the website is able to showcase its ability to the searchers. When a user searches for a specific phrase in the search engine, that particular search engine will want to provide the user with the exact and relevant result.

Intent Optimization is the impending trend because the future of search is the Voice Search. Voice search is cleansing the user intent in an advanced manner. Instead of writing in short or abbreviated forms of the search intent, a user can now easily state what they are searching for in their products or services. User Intent Optimization in the year 2019 is going to be more essential than ever, massively due to an upsurge in the voice search.

Trend 2: Micro formats/Schema

In the coding language, micro formats are the small HTML patterns that indicate information about the website or a web page. The more data a search engine has about the website, the more accurately it will rank it. By giving a true and honest picture of what your website all about, the search engines will honor you with better rankings.

In addition to this, the micro formats often make your content appealing and attracting to the customer, thereby tempting more clicks. Increased clicks definitely mean improved ROI and enhanced SEO signals to the various search engines. Also, you need to know that the micro formats and schemas don’t work for all the websites. If your website doesn’t have ratings, hours of operations or a particular location, there are chances that micro formats won’t work be helpful.

Trend 3: Mobile Optimization

Mobile phones are now one of the most used devices as they are small and portable to carry around anywhere. Additionally, 2019 is the year of Google mobile first index. Hence, if you are not prepared, you will dwindle away into ambiguity. With mobile first indexing, Google will ultimately start with the content’s mobile version to decide where that content is placed in SERPs. This is a practical concept for Google as it removes the traditional weak link in the indexing content. When Google started indexing the desktop content, this intended that the poor loading version of that content was dragging down the mobile results.

Trend 4: Voice search and home assistants

It is assessed that around 50 percent of all the searches will be carried out by voice by 2020. Voice-enabled devices like Google home will be used by the people to complete 30% of the searches. The voice searches tend to be longer than searches entered via the keyboard.

Trend 5: Content is King, But only Thought-Provoking Content

Content as a strategy is very popular for the marketers and will continue to be for the coming year also. The quality and engaging content can inform the people that what the website is all about. The year 2019 will not be different from other years in terms of the powerful impact of the content in the search engine rankings. In the field of SEO, content is considered to be the core element of the business. Because of which, many content marketing companies are working hard to look for the quality writers to produce excellent material. This year the competition is on the rise and if your website is found content-dry, you won’t be able to grow with your SEO desires.


Search Engine Optimization is not a stationary quest. With the change in the internet, even the parameters determining the ranking of the sites in the search engines, change. In 2019, the SEO trends will be intensely embedded in elevating content experiences. Keyword relevance and backlinks are the two elements that work as groundwork and hence, can’t be ignored. Also, it is important for you to stay up-to-speed with the latest SEO trends.

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