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Yes, social media is good for doing business. 37% of the world's population uses social networks and Facebook alone brings together 2 billion active profiles: opportunities are in sight. However, launching does not guarantee success.
It's all about who your ideal customer is and which channel brings together the majority of that demographic that interests you as users. It depends on your goals too. Preferably, a solid campaign has more than one channel under its umbrella. We as human beings don't spend all our time on the same platform, so why would a business do it?
B2B purchasing processes are not direct or immediate, and networks allow conversations to be generated that otherwise would not happen. For example, with a department manager or area manager, because the customers of B2B companies are also people.

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Take full advantage of Social Media Sites with our experts. We offer you good strategic integration, continuous planning and management.

Custom Analysis and Strategy

Custom Analysis and Strategy

We study each project and design an ad hoc plan, based on the client's needs and objectives.

Scientific Optimization of Campaigns

Scientific Optimization of Campaigns

We work as a research agency, performing constant A / B tests of each of the strategic variables.

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

Our campaign, technical and design management teams accompany clients throughout the process to provide personalized support.

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