Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Tabscap is committed to guaranteeing the Privacy of the data obtained through some form put in its main domain or sub-domains.

Please read the following to learn more about our Privacy Policy.


  • This Privacy Policy talks about the use we make of the personal information you provide on the website under domain name - Tabscap.
  • For us, personal information is made up of data such as: name, address, email and phone number. That is, it is private data (they are not and will not be available to the public).
  • The Tabscap Privacy Policy does not cover the practices of non-Tabscap companies (which are not owned by Tabscap and over which Tabscap has no control), nor does it include persons whom Tabscap does not employ or manage.

Personal information

Tabscap collects personal information from users when they send comments, when you recommend and send a link to a friend, when you subscribe, when you send or request a reservation for a service offered by Tabscap and when you register to participate in promotions. Tabscap may combine your personal data that we obtained in any of the ways mentioned here, with data that our partners, suppliers or other companies provide us.

When you send a comment, recommend and send a link, we request information such as: name and email. For certain services and products related to the purchase and / or reservation of Tabscap services, we may also request your address, social security number, information about your income and assets. At the end of any of the points mentioned here, you are already an identifiable person for Tabscap.

Tabscap automatically receives (and subsequently registers) information on its servers provided by your browser, for example that sent by the browser you use, including your IP address (Internet Protocol) and Tabscap cookies, as well as the page that you request.

Tabscap uses this information to: personalize the advertising and content according to the user, satisfy what you request from some of our products or services, improve our new products, contact you, carry out studies and research, and carry out cumulative reports (where people speak anonymously. of users, without providing identifying details) for internal and external Tabscap clients.

Tabscap will not contact persons under the age of 12 for commercial or marketing purposes.

Tabscap does not ask people under 12 years of age for personal information in addition to what is strictly necessary for them to participate in an activity or promotion.

Use of information

Tabscap does not sell or rent personal information of its users to anyone; to any external company or entity of Tabscap, except in the case that it is strictly necessary to provide you with services or products that you request from us (with your prior authorization) or under these circumstances

We provide the information to trusted Tabscap partners (who work on behalf of Tabscap or in conjunction with Tabscap) under privacy agreements. Those partners may use your personal information to help Tabscap communicate you offers from Tabscap and our business customers. However, these partners do not have the right to share your information with anyone else.

We have the authorization of parents or guardians of a minor of 12 years to share the personal information of this one. Parents or guardians have the option to allow Tabscap to collect and use information from the minor, without this implying that Tabscap may share said information with other people or companies that may make use of this data for their own benefit.

  • We are faced with the need to respond to legal citations or legal processes (or both).
  • We consider that it is necessary to share your data to investigate, prevent or do something against illegal activities, possible frauds, situations that potentially put the physical integrity of any person at risk; when you violate the Terms of Service of Tabscap or if the law asks us to.
  • We would transfer your personal information if Tabscap were acquired by or merged with another company. If this happens, Tabscap will notify you that it will share your personal information before transferring it or governed by another Privacy Policy other than this one.

Tabscap displays advertisements directed to certain users, which are determined according to the personal information that the same users provide us; Thus, advertisers (including external advertiser networks) can assume that users who view your advertising, who interact with, or click on your ads, meet the criteria of the audience your ad campaign is targeting. For example: men between the ages of 19 and 23 who live in a certain area.

Tabscap does not provide any personal information to the advertiser when you interact with or view an ad targeting a certain sector. However, by interacting or looking at one of these ads, you are giving certain personal information to that advertiser, since you accept that you are a user who falls within the range of criteria of the public to whom the ad is directed.

Tabscap advertisers include financial service providers (such as banks, insurance agents, brokers, and mortgage companies) and nonfinancial companies (such as stores, airlines, and travel agencies).

Tabscap works with providers, partners, advertisers and other service providers from different business branches to which Tabscap belongs. For more information about suppliers of products or services that you have requested, please consult our reference links.


Tabscap can place cookies on your computer and also have access to them.

Tabscap allows its advertisers to place cookies on the computers of those who use Tabscap. The use that said companies give to such cookies is subject to their respective Privacy policies and not to this Tabscap Privacy Policy. Neither advertisers nor other companies have access to Tabscap cookies.

Tabscap uses single-pixel GIF images to access cookies within our network and in connection with our various products and services.

Delete information

We reserve the right to send you certain communications related to the Tabscap service of each of its brands or sub-brands, for example service notifications, administrative messages and the newsletter of the Tabscap Network, which are considered part of the Tabscap subscription. Although you can choose not to receive them, sending an email to with unsubscribe in the subject, although this does not imply that the stored data is deleted.

Privacy & Security

Access to your personal information is limited only to Tabscap employees who we believe need to have contact with that data to provide you with the products and services you request from us.

We have physical, electronic and procedural protection measures, which comply with what the federal rules require to protect the personal information of our users.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy.

Tabscap can make amendments to this regulation. If the changes we make are important and directly affect the use that we give to the personal information of our users, we will let them know by means of a message sent to the main email address that you specified in your registration with Tabscap.

How to get in touch with us

If you have questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, send us an email to where we will gladly give you an answer to your questions. Please note that we will only answer questions related to the Tabscap Privacy Policy.