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Why You Need SEO?

We contact the best blogs and sites

Contacting Blogs and websites is a long process. Fortunately, we have already done the tidy work for you, and over the years, we have built strong relationships with thousands of bloggers and writers on very diverse sites. Our challenge is to work directly with these publishers to ensure rapid publication of content.

Here are some features that we evaluate before we start collaborating with a blog:

  • SEO metrics

  • Presence on social media

  • Niche topics

  • Existence of an editorial project

  • Communication opportunity

  • Publisher reliability and seriousness

We write the content for you

Once we have selected the most appropriate blogs for your campaign, we will dedicate ourselves to the realization of the content. The quality of our texts is not only due to the great work of the content generation team, but it is the result of close collaboration between our writers and SEO experts who, after a deep search for keywords, develop the guidelines for SEO that our pens (or your copy if you have a dedicated team) will use for content production.

The realization of the contents is carried out following a specific process:

  • Search for keywords

  • Implementation guidelines

  • Writing texts

  • Link positioning

  • Final reading and verification

Why Quality Matters?

We schedule publications

Once the content has been created and reviewed in synergy with the client, we move on to the final phase of the process: planning the publications. Not all content is the same; some have an immediate term (such as the news) and instead those that are tailored to a current trend or season (for example, the Christmas holidays).

The programming of the text content is carried out following a specific process:

The test content program follows a specific process:

  • Trend analysis

  • Publishing schedule creation

  • Planning of publications directly on the sites

Why Quality Matters?

7 benefits of guest posting and blogger outreach

When you see the advantages of guest posting, you will start writing for third parties frequently.

Improve SEO

Improve SEO

If you are one of those who are obsessed with SEO, you will like this. When you publish a post, they usually allow you to add a link to your own blog. Since you are usually interested in publishing on blogs that already have authority, this link can be very valuable to improve your positioning in Google.

New visits to the blog

New visits to the blog

The link that you can include in the blog does not only help you improve SEO. A direct result is the direct visits to your own website. Usually, there is a peak at the beginning that goes down over time, but there are also cases in which a post is positioned among the first results in Google and sends more traffic over time than at the beginning.

Improve online reputation

Improve online reputation

Not all proposed posts are accepted. Publishing on a well-known website helps you improve your online reputation as you enter a "select and exclusive club" of authors who have had the right to publish on the reference website.

You get new followers

You get new followers

Each post is usually accompanied by 2 or 3 lines about the author. Typically, you deliver them directly with the post. Here you can include one or more social media profiles. Another positive effect is the coverage your post receives through social networks. The author's profile usually accompanies the links.

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How do we approach our work?

Establishing a real brand as a blogger is essential to ensure that you have a good base of readers and that your blog or website becomes a place of reference and authority. However, you must explore various digital marketing strategies to reach that wide range of dream readers for this to happen.

Some strategies to promote a blog include social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), etc. However, as a blogger building your personal or firm's brand, guest posting can be the main strategy to ensure that your reader base grows over time and that your name successfully establishes itself in the blogosphere.

But as always, theory is one thing, and its applicability to professional practice routines is quite another. On the one hand, there is getting down to writing, the time factor: when do I write, how often do I write… and on the other, what do I write, what interests my audience… with solutions like Tabscap, you can cross these barriers.

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What gives us the confidence to promise you results in the volatile digital world.

We are an unconventional digital marketing agency: We team up with our clients; we set goals and KPIs; we like to test, measure, analyze, and we do not hide when we make mistakes.

We select the best editors
We select the best editors

Tabscap’s editorial suite has more than 1000 sites of a mixed nature. We select the most suitable for your link building campaign.

We create the content of your campaign
We create the content of your campaign

After studying the keywords to work on, we created ad-hoc guidelines for copywriters to build content from scratch.

Calendar posts
Calendar posts

We design precise programming of the publications so that the campaign of acquiring links for your site is more effective and efficient.

We publish the contents
We publish the contents

We take care of the content publishing process, checking that the editor has complied with all the technical guidelines provided by our SEO team.

. We monitor the campaign
We monitor the campaign

Thanks to the best SEO and LINK BUILDING tools, we can monitor the campaign's progress and align the next steps according to the results obtained.

We make reports
We make reports

We create reports (weekly and monthly) to show the client the work done and the results obtained in order to optimize the next steps.

Why Choose Team Tabscap?


What is Branding & why do we need it?

Branding is not just about getting your target market to select you over the competition but also about getting your potential customers to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need.

The goals that a good brand will achieve include:

  • Clearly deliver the message

  • Confirm your credibility

  • Emotionally connect your potential customers with your product and/or service.

  • Motivate the buyer to buy

  • Create user loyalty


Why should brands market themselves and be transparent to consumers?

Until now, small brands have tried to protect their reality from the outside to shield and secure their business, but right now, there is more to gain than to lose. In a world, as exposed as the current one, with thousands of people who are linked to us and who have the communication capacity provided by the Internet, hiding weaknesses makes us vulnerable. Precisely when it comes to information and communication, information is not decisive when everyone knows it.


How does Branding influence our purchasing decisions?

The brand is unique to each of us. The brand is a set of positive and negative attributes that we project on the products after processing the information that the company projected (through Marketing and Corporate Communication) and mixing it with our experiences.

As a seller or manufacturer, we cannot modify the experiences that individuals have stored in their brains. However, we can design information that allows us to influence the perceptions you will have about our products or services to build a positive image that benefits our business objectives. We call this image construction Branding.


How can we earn the trust of customers?

Like any process, brand image management is a long road full of obstacles. The image of our brand is born in the office of the Director of Communication (Branding, Marketing ... call it what best suits your organization chart), grow in the Design studio and the Advertising agency and expanded into the supermarket shelves, on the pages of newspapers and the web.

And all along that road, it has to overcome numerous obstacles like the reluctance of customers to try a new product, the actions of our competitors who are not willing to give up their ground, and the opinions of the thousands of prescribers, influencers, and opinion leaders that populate our ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a discipline that encompasses all the techniques and actions necessary to improve the quality of a website and make it appear in the highest positions of search engines.
All the prices and plans of the SEO services offered by Tabscap are completely tailored for each client. We value both the needs and aspirations of the web project and the dedicated hours of our technical team. Ask us for a custom SEO quote!
No. Although Google is the most used search engine in the world, we also make sure that your project indexes and appears in the first positions of other search engines, whether it is Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Duckduckgo. Wherever you want to be, we will take you.
The time to appear in the top positions of Google will depend on the situation of each specific project. However, for an SEO strategy to start to show and reap good results, a minimum period of 6 months must pass in most cases.
We will position your website for all those keywords that can attract more quality traffic and potential customers to your online business. At the beginning of all our SEO strategies, we carry out a keyword study to find and select the ideal keywords for your project.

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