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We take care of your Company's SMM

Why you need SMM?

Why you need SMM?

You’re working hard to make your website visible, but what about the audience on social media who doesn’t know about your website?

You need a tailored Social Media Marketing (SMM) plan catered especially for your company’s needs. Don’t worry. Tabscap got it sorted.

We provide comprehensive SMM services that take care of all your marketing needs on social media. We have already helped several businesses like yours shine on social media. We can help you too.

Do you want to focus only on your business while we take care of your social media?

We’re sure you do.

So, count on us as we consider your company our family and work with it with utmost care & dedication.

Why Quality Matters?

With an ever-growing number of agencies that promise you the world, you have to identify which ones are genuine.

Is differentiating between the real and the fake ones so simple?

It surely isn’t, which is why we’re telling you to save yourself the trouble and choose an agency that has been active in the industry for several years. During the entirety of our presence on the internet, we have always aimed at perfecting our services.

Presently, we’re smoothly handling several companies’ social media handles. We hate to boast, but we must tell you that they’ve never once complained or raised issues.

Tabscap knows its way around social media. We believe in providing high-quality services. Anything below that is an insult to ourselves. Inferior quality service is not even an option at Tabscap.

Why Quality Matters


Before we start anything on social media, we create a solid strategy based on your company’s needs. We know each company has different goals, and something that works for others may not necessarily work for you.


Content Creation

People consume content in large quantities on social media. Amidst the COVID-19 in 2020, people spent around 144 minutes on an average on social media. During all this time, they didn’t scroll aimlessly but consumed content. But what kind of kind? You don’t have to worry. We’ll take care of it.


Hashtag Research

On social media platforms, think Instagram, hashtags are the heartbeat. Without them, the platform won’t be half as successful as it is today. Companies that don’t have agencies like Tabscap taking care of hashtags eventually fail. So, to not fail and only grow, choose the best there is.



The post’s content is one thing. But what about the descriptions that go with them. Does Tabscap take care of that? We do because we have an expert team of content writers that write relevant and detailed descriptions that complement the post.

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Why Tabscap Is The Best Choice For Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Why Tabscap Is The Best Choice For Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Tabscap has been in the industry for some years now and knows what works and what doesn’t. We have refined our SMM services over time.

Our happy clients are the live examples of our high-quality SMM services.

We give a lot of importance to two-way communication because it is impossible to deliver desired results to our clients without it.

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What Can You Expect From Us?

As a competitive Digital Marketing agency, we offer you benefits that separate us from most agencies. Here are some reasons to encourage you to choose Tabscap.

Competitor Research

To succeed on social media, it is crucial to know what your competitors are doing. But can a company know about the competition when it’s hard for them to even take care of themselves? The answer is a big NO. Only an expert can take care of you and analyze your competition.

Monthly Analytics Report

We know you’re excited to know how much your business has grown on social media. It’s a natural response that anyone spending money and hiring an expert agency would have. The good news is that we have a monthly analytics report included in our SMM plan.

Keep Ourselves Updated With Latest Trends

Social media isn’t something that stays the same for even a month. It constantly keeps changing, and there is always some trend being followed by people and businesses. Guess what, this also isn’t something you’ll have to think about because we keep ourselves updated with the latest trends.

Interact With Your Followers

After uploading a post, it is expected that you will receive comments and messages from people interested in your products/services. You assign this work to Tabscap when you choose our Social Media Marketing (SMM) service.

Why Choose Team Tabscap?


Expert Team

The expert team at Tabscap is on a constant hunt to improve what they already excel in. Their improvements are reflected in the work we undertake.


We Have The Tools

Social Media Marketing (SMM) requires some tools. And most of the tools are expensive. But don’t worry, we have access to them all and don’t charge you extra for them.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We guarantee clients a high level of satisfaction because we’re confident in our team’s ability to outperform the commitment between you and us.


24x7 Support

We value our clients and their time. We don’t just say, but we do. We have a dedicated support team that is available 24x7 to assist and sort your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Today more than ever, brands have the opportunity to be closer to their public. Now through these platforms, stories can be told to keep the conversation and interest towards the brand active; even broadcast live events and generate other more exciting communication dynamics.
However, it is no longer enough just to spend budget on advertising on Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other network.
Unlike Google AdWords advertising, the important thing in Social Media is to get the most exposure and interactions possible, through more original, dynamic and exciting digital content. Additionally, the constant change in advertising rules is always pushing companies to push their creativity to the limit.
Depending on what we want to convey about our brand, we can share content that is informative, persuasive or promotional. It is important that this choice is related to the intention of the strategy because it would not make much sense to share purely promotional content if the image we want to generate of our brand is of a company with a high cultural level.

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