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More than just a marketing agency, your content team

Why You Need SEO?

King of the rankings

High quality SEO content is the King. Our content helps you leapfrog to the top rankings of the search engines, more importantly; they are read and admired by the target audiences.

Turn your traffic into gold

SEO content that converts traffic to leads and leads to sales, that is educational, relevant, memorable, highly informative, entertaining and useful that generate leads and enhance the value proposition.

Brand-building content

Is there something more important than creating, strengthening and amplifying your brand? At Tabscap, we take your brand very seriously and this reflects in each piece of content.


First, we study your business in order to define the objectives to be achieved, determine the target we are addressing and the topics that interest you. Next, we analyse the competition and their positioning to define your content strategy and develop an editorial calendar.

Content creation

Following the editorial calendar, we write the content (creative, informative, SEO-oriented…) and take care of introducing it to your channels (blog, web…). We try to generate value and increase the trust of your audience, improve the quality of traffic and conversions and increase online reputation by creating:

  • Articles

  • Newsletters

  • Mobile Content

  • Presentations

  • Social media

  • Case Studies

  • Podcast

  • Blogs

  • Infographics

  • Videos

SEO and content promotion

We amplify the content and promote it through three ways:



We create SEO oriented content so that it is easily found. We use the keywords for which users search for the topics we write about.

Social Media

Social Media

We help our clients to distribute the content we create on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.). Also, we carry out paid campaigns on these channels.

Email Marketing - Newsletter

Email Marketing - Newsletter

Thanks to the creation of a newsletter, we offer our clients the possibility of regularly informing about content launches via email.

Analysis and optimization

Analysis and optimization

We help our clients to monitor the audience, and the growth of the content to check how the proposed marketing objectives are being met and to integrate improvements.

Good content is good business. Get more traffic, leads
and sales with a content marketing strategy that attacks
and nurtures the entire conversion funnel.

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We are storytellers!

We are storytellers!

What you say is important, how you say it is decisive. At Tabscap, we know the power of stories to connect with audiences.

We are a digital marketing agency specialized in content marketing and inbound marketing. We develop strategies for blogs, websites, online magazines, social networks and web applications. We work in all kinds of formats, from static infographics to videos to all kinds of posts, and even comics!

Tell us what you want to tell and we will tell you the most appropriate content marketing strategy.

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Our methodology of creating content

Our strategy is not based solely on providing visits, but on adapting to the search intention of your potential clients so that you can build a relationship based on real opportunities.

Approach to new clients
Approach to new clients

With our optimized content strategy, we get new qualified visits to your website, in addition to building loyalty to the ones you already have. As a digital content agency, we bring you closer to new business opportunities.

Optimized content
Optimized content

All the content that we write will be optimized to position the best possible, fully aligned with your SEO strategy for web and blog.

Exclusive and specialized content
Exclusive and specialized content

In our content marketing agency, we have experienced writers capable of generating exclusive and unique content for any sector.

Become the benchmark in your sector
Become the benchmark in your sector

We give prestige to your brand and improve your online reputation against the competition from day one. Trusting a digital content agency will allow your communication to always be aligned with the identity of your business.

Why Choose Team Tabscap?


Being with the best is always safer.

Trusting your investment is not easy, and especially when it comes to your brand, there is no margin for error here.


Brand image improvement for your company.

Branding campaigns are made to improve the brand, either by changing the corporate image or with impact actions.


We are clear and transparent.

Our clients know us for the clarity of our work. Every action we take will be reviewed and you will be able to be part of all the changes. You have to know how far your investment goes.


The best quality / price ratio for your business.

Our services are the cheapest on the market in terms of profitability. We are not cheap, but we are very profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of articles, photos, videos and non-commercial presentations on a specific topic with the aim of generating positive associations towards a brand, company, organization or person.
Over time, the reputation and image of being a reference within the chosen field is achieved. When a commercial need arises to contract services and products related to the subject, an individual or organization that has positioned itself as a benchmark stands out as the first option and clients from its target audience arrive without having to pursue them.
Content marketing usually gives good results because instead of selling you are looking to be bought. The previous step is to have gained confidence because for months or years you have contributed a lot of value without expecting (in an obvious way) anything in return. The magic word is "trust" which is the basis for every sale and is a competitive advantage over the competition that bets e.g. on the best prices.

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