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Content marketing is the creation and distribution of articles, photos, videos and non-commercial presentations on a specific topic with the aim of generating positive associations towards a brand, company, organization or person.
Over time, the reputation and image of being a reference within the chosen field is achieved. When a commercial need arises to contract services and products related to the subject, an individual or organization that has positioned itself as a benchmark stands out as the first option and clients from its target audience arrive without having to pursue them.
Content marketing usually gives good results because instead of selling you are looking to be bought. The previous step is to have gained confidence because for months or years you have contributed a lot of value without expecting (in an obvious way) anything in return. The magic word is "trust" which is the basis for every sale and is a competitive advantage over the competition that bets e.g. on the best prices.

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Tabscap will help you build a business strategy to attract new customers.

Strategy and intelligence

Strategy and intelligence

We define the main content and the complementary content, we map the entire strategy so that you have a global vision of the strategic links of the entire content structure.

SEO review and optimization

SEO review and optimization

Strict audit on quality and perfect balance of keywords, and good on page SEO practices.

Organised from experts

Organised from experts

Our team of certified experts, journalists, communicators and psychologists are responsible for implementing the entire strategy based on an organized editorial calendar.

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