When choosing digital marketing as your business option, one must keep considering certain factors responsible for the great launch! Here are some of the vitals that you can use to improve your digital marketing strategy easily. Follow these 7 P’s of digital marketing strategically and skyrocket your business achievement.


When you are planning to sell digital, it is quite that your product is something that can be sold online without any physical boundaries. One can sell anything online but removing the physical barrier is necessary so that the reach of your product is not limited. Also, choose a product that is scalable in nature so that the process of product sales can be easily done without any stagnancy.

The distribution of the product is an important topic to explore when planning an online mode of selling. Half your brand value is dependent upon how well or seamlessly you can distribute your product. This is why the product plays a vital role in the online marketing platform.

If you wish to build a kicky product, you need to think as a buyer yourself. Ask yourself certain important questions before expecting people to like your product; love it yourself.

  • Will there be any byproducts for the product you have selected?
  • Who are the possible target audiences for the niche you have selected?
  • Are there any guarantees about the product?
  • What is the USP or why anyone must buy this one only?


This comes without any question. No matter how great your product is, its sales of it will not only be dependent upon its quality but also its price. While deciding on the price, one must include several factors such as the time taken to deliver the product, its value of it, and most important the unique selling point of the product. After considering all the important factors, decide what one must do to finalise the price.


The involvement of people in the digital marketing segment is highly crucial because a great product requires exposure to specific kinds of people. The format of digital marketing speaks a lot to target the service or a product specifically to people who might be interested in it. Therefore, to attract the right kind of people towards your product, you must evaluate the possible modes of communication and how your business is presented in front of people. In this way, you will understand the interactions between your business and the customer and how specifically you can improve to target your potential audiences and keep the current customers happy.

This P involves the vitality of both the current customers and potential audiences who are the people interested in your product and might become a customer in future. For any digital marketing campaign to succeed, it is crucial for you to understand the needs of your people; what they seek, how they perceive your brand and what stops them from trusting you. Basically, one needs to acknowledge the psychology of people in order to sell efficiently.


Digital marketing is an online way of selling but the concept is a gateway to many open roads and opportunities so when it comes to opting for digital marketing, you need to decide which platform you must choose to get more active and positive feedback for the product or service.

Also, the place is the platform where you can offer your products or services to customers. Not every platform or place does not have to work for every kind of brand; some may work for some and not others. Therefore, evaluate your product and potential people to choose the best platform for your brand. Now the most important question is the platforms we have to choose from:

Social Media

Choosing any social media platform and making it a store for your products is also one choice for several good brands. One can choose between Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Directly owned channel or website

One can create a website through platforms such as Woocommerce and Shopify where one can customize a business and products and directly land customers on the website.


Marketplaces are platforms such as Amazon, Meesho eBay, etc. Basically, a place where you can list your products, run ads and get customers from the regular users of these marketplaces.


Without marketing or promotion, what is digital marketing? There’s no question that one needs promotion as much as any other factor of digital business.

The usage of communication tools of online marketing in a way to reach the target audiences is also a part of promotions. Promotions can be direct or indirect including tools such as press releases, direct selling communication, online advertising, brand awareness steps, and sales promotions. Any of these or all can work well to influence the audience.

Digital is a vast concept that offers numerous options for promotional purposes, however, one needs to decide which one may work best for their platform. One needs to explore effective online strategies and then choose the particular approach to reach their potential audiences.

For example, if you sell courses for all age groups, every promotion communication tool may work for you, simultaneously, if you are dealing in jewellery and accessories, press releases might not be a relatable option for you, unless you have a good PR team who fits the purpose in the promotional activity.


It is not possible for every individual to understand and trust the digital form of business. If you are into online or digital form selling, then you need to provide the physicality of your company and shreds of evidence of your service quality in order to win your customers over. The beginning of digital marketing brought many scams and online frauds that sparked fear in people's minds while shopping online.

Therefore, in order to sway your audiences, it is vital that you not only offer a great product but lay down the best real-time examples of how your product is great and the company is trustable. Gaining the trust of your people is a difficult task but once you are past that phase, you automatically start getting repeat customers to whom you don't have to prove your worth. Hence, this P holds great responsibility because this will finalise how much trust your audience has in you and how much perceive you as a company.


The process in digital marketing defines how the services are going to proceed and be delivered to the clients enhancing their experiences with your product or service. The process also simplifies how well you are able to collect and measure the information, create something useful and creative out of it and measure the ratio of the success of your operations in order to deliver the end product successfully to the client. The more seamless the process, the more quality experience will the customers undergo.

The prime aspect of the process is to understand how brilliantly you are able to measure or track the processes and performance of your service and eliminate significant errors or failures before they hinder the overall procedure. The process helps in understanding the basic road map one needs to follow in a way to offer great service understanding the core principles of the company and following them.